Yet another Windows refund story (in Finland, still in process)

I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5310 laptop. Of course it included Windows Vista (Home Premium) which I didn’t need nor want. So I booted it and when the end user licence agreement hit the screen I started to act according to licence terms: I contacted Acer for refund.

I started with an email to Acer support and waited for a week with no answer. Then I decided call them. Initial answer was that there is no possibility of getting a refund. I asked if they could check to situation internally and the person on the phone agreed to get in touch when it was done. Again, a week passed without any answer. So I called again, went through the same arguments and got another promise of getting in touch. Next day I got an email which included instructions for getting the refund.

The instructions required me to send the whole computer to Acer, like here. By then, the computer was already in active use (with Ubuntu installed) and I was not about to send it to Acer to be erased. So I contacted Acer yet again. They bluntly refused to negotiate about the terms of refund. Next step for me was to file a complaint to consumer complaint board (kuluttajariitalautakunta). Now I just have to wait (upto 18 months) for their decision (or recommendation), which is not binding but about 80% of companies in Finland follow them. In the complaint I also challenged the offered refund amount, 50€. I don’t know how different consumer law in Finland is compared to France, but if they are similar enough I should have pretty good chance of winning.


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  1. SuurMyy on

    Mielenkiinoista ! Itsekin tässä pohdin, että mahtaisiko olla mitään tapaa olla maksamatta tuosta Windows:sita, kun olen nyt hankkimassa uutta kannettavaa. Osaatko ehdottaa, että miten ehkä kannattaisi toimia ?

  2. hepaajan on

    Itse mietin Zepton kannettavaa Ne on mahdollista saada ilman käyttöjärjestelmää.

  3. SuurMyy on

    Here’s something from France, telling us that half of the price of a laptop can come from software: Ruling: Acer must refund purchase price of preinstalled software that is not being used.

  4. SuurMyy on

    I am looking for a laptop w/preferably 20″ inch LCD, so it seems that Zepto is not a possibility for my ATM.

  5. […] that tells of a complaint made here in Finland to get a refund for Windows on an Acer laptop: Hepaajan’s weblog : Yet another Windows refund story (in Finland, still in process). I will probably do something similar w/my next laptop. I have to look into this a bit […]

  6. […] consumer complaint board. Basically they didn’t make any decision about the main points of my complaint, the amount of refund and the terms of getting the refund. I mean they didn’t even tell why […]

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