Decision from consumer complaint board: No decision

So today I got a letter from consumer complaint board. Basically they didn’t make any decision about the main points of my complaint, the amount of refund and the terms of getting the refund. I mean they didn’t even tell why they won’t make a decision. While I’m not surprised I’m extremely disappointed. Good hint about the decision was when they (consumer complaint board) called me for more information and I got the impression that the person on the phone didn’t quite understand what my complaint was actually about.

I see two possibilities. Either consumer law in Finland is different compared to, for example, France or consumer complaint board does not have the required competence. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to try my case in court, so this will be end of this story.

One thing is for sure: I won’t be buying anything from Acer anytime soon.

Update: Looks like there was another court case in France.


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