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Something inspired by 27″ monitor

On desktop I find it hard to follow which window has focus, especially on a big screen. Now I have 27″ monitor at work and the best way (for me at least) to take advantage of it is to have always two windows side-by-side. This really makes it hard to follow active window.

Finally I did something about!

Thanks to the great folks at who develop my favourite desktop environment it’s now simple to try out what I want. I bring you my first GNOME extension: Shade Inactive Windows

It may be simple and not very sophisticated, but it works for me.


Mobile software architecture lecture

Week ago I gave my first lecture ever as part of introductory Mobile programming course in University of Jyväskylä. I had two hours (or 90 minutes) and a very broad topic: Mobile Software Architecture.

Considering it was my first time I think it went quite well. Of course I forgot to talk about one third of the stuff I planned (and had notes for) because I forgot to read my notes for each slide. Well, maybe next time.

Here are the slides that I used in case someone is curious.

Getting Real

A friend of mine pointed me to a nice book by 37signals. Its titled Getting Real and is availble for free online reading. The emphasis on the book is on developing web-based software but most points apply (in some form or another) to all software development. I’m surprised how well it captures my feelings. It’s almost the same as when read Mythical Man Month for the first time and indeed there are some similarities between Getting Real and what Fred Brooks described already in 1975. I guess I should read that one again just to remind me of the realities of software development.

I definitely recommend both books for all people who are somehow involved in software development!