Transparency in EU: ACTA

I would just like to make recent events more widely known. Please read this FFII press release.


OSiM World 2008, Berlin

I had the pleasure of visiting OSiM World in Berlin and it was a really nice experience. Although I have to say that few of the talks I listened where actually interesting, it was nice to how some of the players in the field saw the situation. It seems that some are pushing their own solutions without engaging open source communities while some are working with the community. I think I can guess which approach will work better inΒ  the long run.

So, the theme of the event seemed to be fragmentation. Problem was that I don’t remember anybody defining what they meant. For example, LiMo foundations platform does not seem to include UI framework, which indicates that there will be lots of fragmentation in UI frameworks, right? Now add in the operators and other application developers. From the point of view of application development all LiMo compliant phones might need their own UI code for each manufacturer. Sounds just the fragmentation that especially operators would like to avoid.

On Wednesday evening I participated in the pub quiz. I signed to Dave Neary’s team, but I had some trouble finding them in the crowded pub. Eventually I found them and had a great time. Big thanks to everyone!

Few weeks with git

I have heard about git and I have tried it briefly before. Now that I have actually used it for a few weeks it feels really good (I have only once messed by branch and that was my own fault). No wonder everybody is using it these days πŸ™‚

gsmd2 and

Together with my colleague, Vesa Pikki, at Ixonos, we have been working gsmd2, that targets [1] Open Telephony API. Gsmd2 is very young and it has long way to go before it can be used in real life, but brave developers and testers are welcome to help out with it! Maybe we can get it included in OpenMoko distribution one day πŸ˜‰

[1]: is collaboration project for Linux based smartphone technology started by Michael ‘Mickey’ Lauer.

Decision from consumer complaint board: No decision

So today I got a letter from consumer complaint board. Basically they didn’t make any decision about the main points of my complaint, the amount of refund and the terms of getting the refund. I mean they didn’t even tell why they won’t make a decision. While I’m not surprised I’m extremely disappointed. Good hint about the decision was when they (consumer complaint board) called me for more information and I got the impression that the person on the phone didn’t quite understand what my complaint was actually about.

I see two possibilities. Either consumer law in Finland is different compared to, for example, France or consumer complaint board does not have the required competence. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to try my case in court, so this will be end of this story.

One thing is for sure: I won’t be buying anything from Acer anytime soon.

Update: Looks like there was another court case in France.

Version control systems

Recently, I have been looking for the best version control system to use. We have been using subversion and it has been fine so far, but now our workflow is going through some changes. With a colleague, we have tried to figure out how subversion fits in to the upcoming workflow changes, and it just feels uncomfortable. After some testing with git, I remembered bazaar. I first tried bazaar in 2005 and just loved how simple it felt. I have been eager to get to try it in real work, but haven’t had a change. Finally, the first real need (as in, I actual got to choose what to use) for a decent version control system was last spring, when I started work on my thesis. By now, bazaar had support for hosting a branch in server with only ssh shell access, and where I couldn’t install any extra software. It worked great for me. Tomorrow I’ll have to evaluate it with my colleagues and see how it would fit our new workflow.

Was this really the first post this year? I’ll have to do better.. πŸ™‚

N800 with OS 2008 ‘Chinook’

I must say I’m impressed by the new OS 2008 beta release for N800. The UI feels more responsive, especially the new browser (Firefox based instead of Opera). I’m seriously considering buying N810 (if I can come up with a real reason why I need it:) ) when it hits the stores.

Yet another Windows refund story (in Finland, still in process)

I recently bought an Acer Aspire 5310 laptop. Of course it included Windows Vista (Home Premium) which I didn’t need nor want. So I booted it and when the end user licence agreement hit the screen I started to act according to licence terms: I contacted Acer for refund.

I started with an email to Acer support and waited for a week with no answer. Then I decided call them. Initial answer was that there is no possibility of getting a refund. I asked if they could check to situation internally and the person on the phone agreed to get in touch when it was done. Again, a week passed without any answer. So I called again, went through the same arguments and got another promise of getting in touch. Next day I got an email which included instructions for getting the refund.

The instructions required me to send the whole computer to Acer, like here. By then, the computer was already in active use (with Ubuntu installed) and I was not about to send it to Acer to be erased. So I contacted Acer yet again. They bluntly refused to negotiate about the terms of refund. Next step for me was to file a complaint to consumer complaint board (kuluttajariitalautakunta). Now I just have to wait (upto 18 months) for their decision (or recommendation), which is not binding but about 80% of companies in Finland follow them. In the complaint I also challenged the offered refund amount, 50€. I don’t know how different consumer law in Finland is compared to France, but if they are similar enough I should have pretty good chance of winning.

Codegear/Borland SPAM

I’m still paying the prize for testing some Borland software seven years ago, when I bought my first computer and knew absolutely nothing about free software.

I have several times tried to remove my email address from Codegear’s/Borland’s mailing lists. None of the ways listed below have worked:

  1. Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the mail ( tried several times )
  2. Removing email address and all other information from
  3. Requesting removal by emailing Finnish Codegear representative (Moonsoft)

Is my only option to file a formal complaint? Luckily the address they have is going to be unused soon.

So, what’s next?

I guess my next free time project will be learning to play guitar better. I also have to really start think about what I want to do when I grow up.