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Mobile software architecture lecture

Week ago I gave my first lecture ever as part of introductory Mobile programming course in University of Jyväskylä. I had two hours (or 90 minutes) and a very broad topic: Mobile Software Architecture.

Considering it was my first time I think it went quite well. Of course I forgot to talk about one third of the stuff I planned (and had notes for) because I forgot to read my notes for each slide. Well, maybe next time.

Here are the slides that I used in case someone is curious.


N800 with OS 2008 ‘Chinook’

I must say I’m impressed by the new OS 2008 beta release for N800. The UI feels more responsive, especially the new browser (Firefox based instead of Opera). I’m seriously considering buying N810 (if I can come up with a real reason why I need it:) ) when it hits the stores.