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Mobile software architecture lecture

Week ago I gave my first lecture ever as part of introductory Mobile programming course in University of Jyväskylä. I had two hours (or 90 minutes) and a very broad topic: Mobile Software Architecture.

Considering it was my first time I think it went quite well. Of course I forgot to talk about one third of the stuff I planned (and had notes for) because I forgot to read my notes for each slide. Well, maybe next time.

Here are the slides that I used in case someone is curious.


oFono and

I just noticed the announcement of oFono, a mobile telephony infrastructure project sponsored by Intel and Nokia. It looks like a direct competion for Like Harald Welte and probably many others, I’m wondering why this new initiative instead participation to an existing project like I think FSO has been open for feedback (at least when I briefly worked with the project sometime ago) so they could have influenced what was done there. Or was that not the case? Or was there a completely different philosophy?

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to take a look at the code 🙂

OSiM World 2008, Berlin

I had the pleasure of visiting OSiM World in Berlin and it was a really nice experience. Although I have to say that few of the talks I listened where actually interesting, it was nice to how some of the players in the field saw the situation. It seems that some are pushing their own solutions without engaging open source communities while some are working with the community. I think I can guess which approach will work better in  the long run.

So, the theme of the event seemed to be fragmentation. Problem was that I don’t remember anybody defining what they meant. For example, LiMo foundations platform does not seem to include UI framework, which indicates that there will be lots of fragmentation in UI frameworks, right? Now add in the operators and other application developers. From the point of view of application development all LiMo compliant phones might need their own UI code for each manufacturer. Sounds just the fragmentation that especially operators would like to avoid.

On Wednesday evening I participated in the pub quiz. I signed to Dave Neary’s team, but I had some trouble finding them in the crowded pub. Eventually I found them and had a great time. Big thanks to everyone!